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Malone University hosts Earth Day 5K on April 18

Malone University will host the inaugural “Earth Day 5K Race / Go Green 5K Walk” on Saturday, April 18 on the campus located at 2600 Cleveland Avenue N.W. in Canton, Ohio.  The public is encouraged to participate.

Registration and check-in will take place between 8:15 – 8:45 a.m. in Osborne Hall. The race / walk will begin at 9 a.m.

Cost: $15 for pre-registered community members / $20 race day registration

$10 for pre-registered Malone Faculty & Alumni / $15 race day registration

$5 for pre-registered Malone students / $10 race day registration

Participants will receive a souvenir water bottle, race ID tag, electronic timing, post-race snacks, and more!

All proceeds of the event will benefit the Malone University Student Senate Stewardship Committee and efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly components to Malone’s campus.

To pre-register, go to:


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Search for signs of spring with Cleveland Metroparks 2015 Tour of Wildflowers

Cleveland Metroparks second annual Tour of Wildflowers celebrates the arrival of spring in a fun and interactive way. The tour encourages people of all ages to discover wildflowers and capture their beauty with photos. Whether you consider yourself a wildflower enthusiast, or you would just like to learn more about the natural beauty that accompanies spring in the Park District, make sure you sign up for the tour!

Joining the tour is easy. Register to receive the wildflower checklist and contest rules. There will be a tour kick off event at North Chagrin Nature Center on Saturday, April 4 from 2 - 3:30 p.m. Participants can learn wildflower spotting tips and tricks, as well as see pictures from last year. Next, make sure you get outside! Wildflowers can be found everywhere from North Chagrin Reservation to Rocky River Reservation. Just make sure to bring your phone or digital camera with you so you can take a "selfie" with a bed of spring beauties, or snap a picture of a wild geranium. From April 1 to June 6, find as many flowers as you can and complete your checklist. Once you have your photos, email them to, or bring them to your nearest Cleveland Metroparks nature center for verification!

Participants will end the tour on a high note! With a completed checklist, participants will receive their very own Tour of Wildflowers T-shirt, and will celebrate their success at the Tour Party on June 6 from 2 - 3:30 p.m. For more information on tour rules and registration, call440-473-3370 or visit



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My Wallet LTD looking for Bitcoin

My Wallet LTD ( recently announced that, effective as of March 15 and lasting through the end of the day (GMT) on May 23 the firm will offer sellers of Bitcoins the market value of the Bitcoin (or fraction thereof) plus a 10% premium.

Sellers of more than 50 Bitcoins will receive even higher percentages, with such deals to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The market price of Bitcoin will be established by Bitstamp, a UK-based Bitcoin exchange that is one of the world's largest and most respected.

My Wallet LTD is based in the United Kingdom, but thanks the nature of cryptocurrency transactions, they freely service clients spread around the world. Unlike the barriers imposed by traditional financial arrangements, such as currency exchange issues and varying regulations, the Bitcoin market is entirely separate from the larger marketplace.

"People who buy, trade, or sell Bitcoin know that it's an instrument immune to the usual tremors shaking up the mainstream marketplace," said a company spokesman. "Clients come to My Wallet LTD because they want to work with brokers who truly know this emerging market."

My Wallet LTD announced that they have already purchased more than £2.3 million (3.4 million USD) worth of Bitcoin in the past six months, and they expect to see that figure jump dramatically. The offer to sell Bitcoin at cost plus a premium is not only sure to incentivize many people invested in the cryptocurrency to sell, but it also makes clear just how devoted My Wallet LTD is to Bitcoin as a safe and long-term investment.

While the company welcomes any and all people looking to sell Bitcoin, they have expressed a chief interest in those sellers looking to divest large sums of the cryptocurrency. Sellers ready to make deals involving more than 50 Bitcoins will receive offers even better than the 10% premium on market rates, with the percentage they stand to make increasing in proportion to the quantity of Bitcoins they are willing to sell. The coming weeks promise to be an exciting time for all parties involved in exchanging and selling Bitcoin.

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Home Instead senior care's disaster prep checklist for seniors:

____Tune in.  Contact the local emergency management office to learn about the most likely natural disasters to strike your area.  Stay abreast of what’s going on through your local radio or television.  

____Take stock.  Decide what your senior can or can’t do in the event of a natural disaster.  Make a list of what would be needed if a disaster occurred.  For example, if your loved one is wheelchair-bound, determine an evacuation strategy ahead of time. Prepare for whatever disaster could hit the area.

____ To go or to stay?  When deciding to evacuate, older adults should go sooner rather than later.  By waiting too long, they may be unable to leave if they require assistance.

____ Make a plan.  Schedule a family meeting to develop a plan of action.  Include in your plan key people – such as neighbors, friends, relatives and professional caregivers – who could help.  

____More than one way out.  Seniors should develop at least two escape routes: one to evacuate their home and one to evacuate their community.  The local emergency management office can tell you escape routes out of the community. 

____Meet up.  Designate a place to meet relatives or key support network people outside the house, as well as a second location outside the neighborhood, such as a school or church.  Practice the plan twice a year.  

____Get up and “Go Kit.”  Have an easy-to-carry backpack including three days non-perishable food and water with an additional four days of food and water readily accessible at home.  Have at least one gallon of bottled water per person per day.  Refresh and replace your supplies at least twice a year.  And don’t forget the blanket and paper products such as toilet paper.

____Pack extras and copies.  Have at least a one-month supply of medication on hand at all times.  Make ready other important documents in a waterproof protector including copies of prescriptions, car title registration and driver’s license, insurance documents and bank account numbers, and spare checkbook.  Also take extra eyeglasses and hearing-aid batteries.  Label every piece of important equipment or personal item in case they are lost.

____Your contact list.  Compile a contact list and include people on a senior’s support network as well as doctors and other important health-care professionals.

____If you can’t be there.  If you’re not living close by to help your loved one, enlist the help of family or friends, or contact a professional caregiving company


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Tiffin University to offer Digital Innovation and Design and Criminalistics majors

Tiffin University will begin offering two new majors beginning fall semester 2015:  Digital Innovation and Design within the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program and Criminalistics within the Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program according to Dr. Lillian Schumacher, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Digital Innovation and Design will create an opportunity for students to work across curricula from the School of Business and the School of Arts and Sciences.  Tiffin University has identified the need for a degree that integrates the creative,expressive, and skills aspects of Arts courses with those of the information systems courses while grounding these skills in theBusiness core.  The curriculum includes the Business School Core, five courses in Computer Information Systems, four Art courses, Communications and Marketing courses.  A new course, Design Thinking and Process provides a capstone experienceand will be delivered jointly by a Management and an Art faculty.

Criminalistics fulfills the need that remains for TU students who wish to study the law enforcement field application of forensic science, but are not necessarily suited for a career as a laboratory forensic scientist. This major will capture students who desire to become law enforcement officers specializing in the area of forensic evidence. The courses are uniquely designed as stepping stones throughout the major--evidence collected in one class will be analyzed by students in subsequent classes.  Introduction to Forensic Science starts the progression with an overview (strictly classroom) of forensic science, followed by Applied Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics and Advanced Criminalistics which are designed as an evidence collection courses; the evidence collected there will be analyzed in the Evidence Processing Course and will culminate in the capstone course where the student progresses from the crime scene to the court room.

"These new programs are two examples of the exceptional work our faculty continuously produce,” Schumacher said. “The new BBA, Digital Innovation and Design, is an interdisciplinary major with a strong focus in both business principles and innovative technology; a subject matter needed in today's marketplace. The BCJ in Criminalistics is a new, cutting edge major—one we expect to become extremely popular within our School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences offerings.”

For more information about the BBA in Digital Innovation and Design, contact Dr. James Padilla, Dean of the School of Business, at 419.448.3019 or

For more information about the BCJ in Criminalistics, contact Dr. Jaimie Orr, Dean of the School of Criminal Justice at419.448.3319 or

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Malone student art show through April 9

The Malone University Department of Visual Art is exhibiting student work in the McFadden Gallery now through April 9. Featuring works from twenty-nine Malone students, the show spans a range of media including fiber art, drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics. The exhibit was juried by Claudia Berlinski, an instructor of studio art classes at Youngstown State University, and by Kristina Malcolm, an instructor of metalsmithing at the University of Akron and owner of Fluxusmetalworks.

The McFadden Gallery is located on the Malone University campus in the Johnson Center for Worship and the Fine Arts, located at 2600 Cleveland Ave, NW, Canton, Ohio 44709. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m.


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Listia celebrates five years of free stuff

Listia, one of the world’s most popular online trading platform for new and used items, celebrates five years of giving consumers a chance to give and get while obtaining free items in a unique and personal trading environment where a credit system is used instead of cash. Launched in 2009 and based in Mountain View, California, Listia has gained popularity amongst consumers who want to rid themselves of unused items in a simple, effective and risk-free way.  Sellers earn virtual credits each time an item is listed.  In a world where repurposing, recycling and regenerating are often heard buzz words, Listia is a place where individuals have the opportunity to realize that the chance to obtain something they have always wanted is as simple as posting an item and trading it with another member. Listia’s mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Spring is often the traditional time to go “out with the old and in with the new.”  Many people end up with an entire collection of things to sell. Listia is a safe environment where spring cleaning can take on a whole new identity.  At any given time, over 8 million members on Listia are trading everything from designer shoes, vintage collectibles, jewelry, electronics to sports memorabilia and everything in between.

Listia enables a human connection between seller and buyer in a simple and fun way. Anyone can sign up and start trading immediately. The site hosts photos and descriptions of each item posted by a member along with the credits needed to start bidding.  After creating a personal account, a user can upload several photos, write a brief description and set a minimum amount of credit options all for free. The user also posts shipping options. Once an item transaction is completed with credits, the seller is responsible for shipping it directly to the buyer. The seller then obtains the credits from the buyer and is able to use those credits to redeem themselves. It’s an online auction system based on credits. New members receive a guaranteed amount of initial credits whenever they sign up on

With over 8 million members to date, Listia has seen its members base grow double in size in just the last year and can claim over 100 million items traded as of this writing.  From a unique Swavorski crystal bowl to a Grateful Dead bracelet, Listia offers everything and anything one can imagine.

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